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Name and Gender Marker Change Step-by-Step Guide for Texans

This guide has been created for Texas residents who are interested in having their Name and Gender Marker Changed (NGMC), or only their Gender Marker Changed (GMC) via e-file. 

Step 1:  Have a conversation with your medical doctor (pediatrician, primary care doctor, endocrinologist, etc) about your desire to legally have your NGMC or GMC.  Inform your doctor that part of the process is to have a letter from a medical doctor supporting your decision to have your NGMC or GMC.  See example below:

Step 2:  Obtain a fingerprint card if you are 18 years or older.  You can go to some local law enforcement agencies to obtain a fingerprint card.  Another option is setting up an appointment at  Cost is about $23. They have at least 3 locations in San Antonio, Texas (1604/Blanco, I-10/410, and on Broadway).  You're not in San Antonio?! No worries! - Once you enter your zip code, you will be provided with locations nearest to you.

Step 3:  Complete the Petition and the Final Order.  Make sure to choose the correct file below:

Step 4:  If you are unable to afford the approximately $350.00 court cost, complete the "Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Courts Costs or an Appeal Bond” form listed below:

Step 5: Register for an e-filing service provider through, combine required PDF documents, and e-file to have your NGMC or GMC.  Here are written instructions that can also assist:


Please note: The law library will, for free, work with the applicant through the process and review the forms to make sure they are correct and help with submissions here:

After submitting your e-file, you will receive an e-mail with in 24 hours indicating your information has been received.  It typically takes anywhere between 4-6 weeks to receive the order signed from the Judge. 

Step 6: Order certified copies.  You will be given the option to pick the certified copied up in Austin, Texas or have them mailed to you.  It is recommended to order at least 3 certified copies.

Step 7:  Begin changing your identifying documentation.  Here is a checklist that will likely be helpful:

Please note: This is not legal advice.  Please contact an attorney if you need legal support.  A great resource is

Hope you find this resource helpful!

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