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Gonzalo Guerra, MA, LPC-Associate
(Supervised by Bonnie Scott, MA, LPC-S)


Gonzalo Guerra (he/she/they) is a Licensed Professional Counselor – Associate, supervised by Bonnie Scott LPC-S. They have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. Gonzalo has experience working with various populations. They have provided counseling services to queer and gender diverse people at the Pride Center of San Antonio during the pandemic. They have provided counseling services to people with limited financial resources. They have also worked with children experiencing autism by incorporating play therapy and expressive art techniques.


Gonzalo has an eclectic approach to counseling. They believe that the person seeking counseling is best suited to determine their own goals in life and choose their direction for the future. They also believe that healing and resilience can occur through connections. Their approach focuses on understanding the individual’s personal story, including their own sociopolitical circumstances and encouraging agency in their life.


As a counselor, Gonzalo takes their role as an advocate for mental health very seriously. They strive to work from decolonial and postcolonial perspectives. Working from these perspectives they hope to better address the inequity of wealth distribution in the western world and how this contributes to the rise in feelings of isolation and concerns with mental health.


Gonzalo currently lives in San Antonio and enjoys engaging in mindful practices. Self-care practices are important for them as they believe that we need to make space for doing things that enrich our subjective experience. Some of their favorite hobbies are cooking, brushing up on literature in psychology, and listening to podcasts. Most of all they enjoy playing with Rico – a 3 year old black cat that walked into their house and never left.

Gonzalo is currently not in network with health insurance plans.  

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**All therapists, with the exception of Adam A. Sauceda, are independent therapists contracted to provide services to clients of Synchronicity Counseling, PLLC. Independent practitioners are not employees of Synchronicity Counseling, PLLC.**

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